FASTLIFE USA began in the spring of 2012 . Friends started printing T-shirt for themselves due to frustration of not finding clothes at commercial retail that fit their souls and spirit... Soon after, they created a t-shirt company with a focus on what they could wear. Eventually making various apparels, naming the new venture "FASTLIFE USA" and the name stuck. What did not stick was their original intention... They made the shirts for themselves but noticed people at events, concerts, clubs saw their T-shirts as something different and started wearing the FASTLIFE USA apparel whatever way they wanted, beyond whatever those three friends could imagine. 

You made art, walked the streets or played music, you wore our T-shirt as fashion all over the planet...
to this day the spirit of FASTLIFE USA is alive, as soon as you put on FASTLIFE USA apparel your journey begins as one-of-a-kind, it express your feelings and self-expression.